'Front 9'
'Front 9' On-Line Coaching/Mentoring 

Coaching provides an alliance that accelerates your progress along with accountability, focus, and passion, to help you run the race. Coaching won't work if what you really need is the help of a therapist or healing practitioner.  Working with a therapist/practitioner provides those who suffer from severe depression, or find that deeply rooted problems are interfering with life, are encouraged to seek therapy or assistance from a healing practitioner.

  • 'Front 9' = The Course FoRe! your Internal game. Learn to live in a DramaFREEZone

    1. Understanding FoRe!'s Mission & Purpose Vision

    2. Complete all Ambassador Requirements; download and start communications via Skype, Google Voice, Facebook, and Text 

    3. Read GOD on a Harley

    4. Complete Ambassador Paperwork 

    5. Complete ReBoot U Program in a DramaFREEZone™

    6. Complete Shelton Tools

    7. SoulSista Music Project

    8. Find Your purpose & Write Your business plan.

    9. FoRe! Image Coaching

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