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These pages provide you with the opportunity for discovery.   



You can discover:


What image coaching really entails


A sense of how it would be to work with me as your coach or facilitator.     

If you are interested in a First Class Life.


Your intent to discover may be the result of:


An unrelenting notion that something better is veiled by the busyness or the isolation of your life, career or ministry.    


A conviction that you are going to find a way to make life work.  


A knowing that there is more:


To Life  


To Success  


To Being who You are   


   Discovery is like flowing rivers leading into one.
   Following any of them can change your life.


Discovery is the first step in a series of actions that bring change. 

How would your life be different if you possessed:   


A fresh perspective on you and your life, focusing on making  the good parts better and the challenging parts less difficult?  


Ways to consistently honor your personal values every day 


Ways to get more done in less time  


Creative problem solving techniques that save time, energy and money  


Fabulous ways to communicate that allow you to be authentic


Ways to find deeper meaning, less stress and more joy in each day  

Coaching is practical.  It involves real life and everyday issues, 
as well as long term plans and bringing dreams to fruition. 

What you choose to do with what you discover can change all or part of your life.  Acting on discovery often involves stretching faith, testing beliefs, exploring possibilities and stepping into days that feel different.  Creating and designing a strategy or design that you own, then acting on it, allows you to discover your solutions.   

Working together on what’s important to you is what I do.  

You have taken the first step.  I invite you to explore further! 


a b o

About Coaching    

One of the good things the last decade has brought us through exploding technology, corporate downsizing and blurred vision, is the valuable addition of the coach.

Coaching has been around for a long time in different forms. Until recently, coaching was associated only with sports and the arts. The job of the coach has always been to bring out the best, to work toward excellence and make sure all the necessary elements are in place to assure success. When those elements are put in the context of IMAGE Coaching, it’s easy to see the powerful alliance that exists in the client/coach relationship and why more and more people are recognizing the value. 

Coaching encompasses a broad range - from building a more profitable business, career development, adjusting to change, learning how to communicate more effectively or handle transitions smoothly, to name a few.


What coaching can do for you

     Working with a coach who is trained and skilled will support you in identifying what is important to you and work with you to achieve what you want.


Working with a coach provides an alliance that accelerates your progress along with accountability and focus to help you stay on track.


Working with a coach provides new insights and objective perspective that will help you to build on your strengths and use your potential more fully.


A good coach will challenge you to be your best while being true to yourself.  

Your coach is someone who really listens and often acts as a sounding board.  


Working with a coach gives you’re the opportunity to find the solutions you already have, that are often blocked by the “stuff” of life.


When you have a coach, you are on center stage. Coaching is all about you.


All decisions are yours.


What coaching won't do for you

Coaching won't do anything for you if you aren't ready to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Coaching won't be a benefit if you are not open to new ideas and/or ways of doing things that will facilitate positive change.


Coaching is not a reasonable option if you are not financially able to invest in it, and make room in your life to commit to the process.


Coaching won't work for you if what you really need is the help of a therapist   or counselor.  People suffering from severe depression or finding that deeply rooted problems are interfering with life are encouraged to seek therapy.


Coaching won’t work for you unless you are ready, willing and able to take action.


Coaching won't work for you if you expect the coach to do what you need to do.



I m a g e   c o a c h i n g                       

If you are willing, I believe that you can:  

Reach your highest potential  

Make choices that work for you  

Thrive in relationships that nurture you  

Live your life around your value system. Completely.  

Stop settling for second best and create a life that you really, really love.


It’s about making the most of your life and the freedom to love.  That means loving who you are, loving what you do, loving life and those you choose to include in yours. It’s about defining success. And making it happen.  


n a coaching relationship, you more quickly and effectively move from where you are right now to where you want to be.  Coaching supports you in getting past the barriers that prevent you from being all that you know is possible.  Coaches operate on the premise that you already have the answers.  By working with a coach, it allows you to discover them and eliminate the unproductive elements of your life that zap your energy and produce unnecessary stress. 


                     Pebbles don’t take up much space, but try thinking about  something else if you have one in your shoe.    

 Image coaching encompasses all parts of life.  It meshes together and shapes our days.  We all take ourselves to work.  And we all take results of our workday home.  Both affect the quality of life.  Having mental, physical, emotional, financial and spiritual reserves can dramatically impact your life


Why settle for mediocrity when excellence will do?    


FoRe! Coaches/Mentors:

Maria DiGiovanni  

Maria DiGiovanni is a seasoned Coach, Facilitator and Mentor who helps others redefine normal, achieve balance, and create accountability.

As a Image Life Coach, she meshes her life experiences, integrity, faith, values and business insight with practical reality and humor.  She listens with her head, heart, spirit, and soul.  Being a conceptual thinker, she has built a strong reputation as a creative developer, while bringing out the best in others.

Maria loves a challenge.  Armed with a “can do” attitude and contagious enthusiasm, she is known for her visionary thinking, humor and warmth. People find her approachable, direct and caring. 

Maria's diverse business background includes all aspects of business management and marketing.  As a small business owner, she is familiar with the demands, rewards and challenges.  She also has experience working in a large corporation and in the non profit sector. 

Maria’s coaching clients include people from many walks of life, by choice.  She attracts clients in leadership, speakers, business owners, stay-at-home moms, students, as well as those who seek to find their passion, wanting a deeper meaning in life.  Maria is particularly skilled and experienced in elevating and empowering wo/men who have overcome adversity and are making a difference worldwide.

Image Coaching Services

For the individual who desires a change in their lives. Our image services will add some new excitement and boost self-esteem and confidence! When a person dresses with the understanding of a few basic fashion principles, they smile when they look in the mirror! A feeling of enthusiasm embraces a person who knows that they look their best! Somehow the day just goes better.

Would you like to learn how to dress to flatter your body and coloring instead of struggling with the constantly changing whims of fashion designers? Would you like to learn how to shop "investment smart" instead of on impulse? Women, would you like to learn the professional makeup techniques to maximize your own natural beauty?

A person's appearance reflects their personality's interests, attitudes, values, capabilities and goals. In your social and business activities one must give the right impression to receive the right reward. Barbara Layne's image programs will increase your ability of self-expression, personal style and overall appearance. It takes time, money, effort and educated thought to create a personal style.

It is only natural to want to observe and analyze other people. Impressions. We all make them. We all have them. However, let's not forget that while we are studying others, we too, are being evaluated. Wherever we go, people immediately react to our appearance.

A good example of how presentation affects and influences others is the halo effect, a phenomenon that occurs from the moment we encounter another person. It is the visual impression we initially make on others, generated by our posture, body movements, facial gestures, and our clothing.

Image is your personal form of communication. Image creates that first impression. So, look and feel sensational and in control every day!

Image impacts our lives in every way. Make YOUR image count!

As personal appearance coaches we will capture your male or female essence in a way in which you wish to be perceived along with retaining your own distinctive character. It is therefore important to evaluate a clear idea of what you want to convey in your appearance message.

In these uncertain times we are all living, isn't it time to love others and yourself too?
Are you looking for a new relationship, or wanting to enhance the present one?
Would you like to earn respect in your profession, at home and in your community?
Have you set your goals toward improving your quality of life in a new direction?
Love what you see in the mirror and watch your life change for the better!

Discretely Discover a New You

Services We Offer to Men and Women

  • Your Personal Identification
  • Image and Fashion Personality
  • Skin care
  • Finding a Flattering Hairstyle
  • Individual Colors Analysis
  • Design of Corrective Makeup Application
  • Closet Evaluation and Organization
  • Personalized Suiting or Style Analysis
  • Wardrobe planning
  • Wardrobe Strategies
  • Apparel Sourcing
  • Effective Shopping

Enjoy these benefits when you work with FoRe!:

  • Create Personal Power
  • Soar above average
  • Light up a room
  • Look and feel terrific for all occasions
  • Utilize all your clothes
  • No more frustrations
  • Save money with no mistakes

Every consultation is one on one.

The initial appointment will be an evaluation of your personal needs and desires

Budget evaluation is considered and a custom program will be outlined.

Raising Awareness * Elevating & Empowering * Promoting Education
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