Why Do We Stay?

~ A Poem to answer the why. . .

So many people ask us this question: why did you stay so long?
The first time that he hurt you, didn't you realize then the love was gone?
Well let me try to paint you a picture of what our life was like living in that hell
And maybe you will understand what it was really like coping in that prison cell.
First take with me a little trip to a town somewhere in a far and distant place
And let me point out to you a lady full of innocence and a smile upon her face.
Now watch as a man approaches her and tells her he can make all her dreams come true
And listen as he tells her come with me I promise I will always take good care of you.
Let's follow her to his world where he first showers her with promises and love.
Lets watch as she realizes this man must be an angel that was sent from up above.
Now let's watch him really carefully as she makes a little everyday mistake.
Can you hear him say you are so stupid as the tears fall down her face?
Watch now how he takes her in his arms and tells her don't cry its all okay.
Listen as he tells her please don't let it bother you, I love you anyway.
But wait lets not leave quite yet there are still lots of things left to see.
Let's watch as he slowly takes her pride from her then her confidence and dignity.
Let's watch as she turns from the mirror and asks, Do you think I'm pretty tonight?
Listen as he answers you're pretty to me and that's all that really matters, right?
Let's move ahead to a year or two now and see what's happening at their place.
Do you see her? There she is laying on the floor with bruises on her face.
Do you see her laying there bruised, bleeding, and crying, begging for her life?
While he stands above her yelling, you are so lucky I took you for my wife,
No one else would have you and put up with the stupid things you do and say!
Do you realize now without me you're nothing and I will never let you get away!
Please don't leave yet there are just a few more things I want you to see and hear.
Look carefully at her face now, see its blankness and sad eyes, and look at that empty stare.
Can you see how he has taken her very soul away, and he did it so gradually day after day.
He has left nothing now but an empty shell, with no thoughts of her own, and no will to run away.
Can you understand a little better now what happen to her and why she chose to stay?
Did you see how he got her to believe that without him she would never find her way?
Let's leave now because she's about to come to her crossroad where she decides which road to choose, and no matter what her choice is I hope you understand a little better since you've walked in her shoes.

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