'Back 9' Coaching/Mentoring
Finding the confidence within
to peacefully portray the strength,
and sexy innocence/essence, of a woman.
GlamoRe!™ = a cross between Glam'n it UP and Amore - loving Yourself because where is God? In YOU.  GlamoRe!™ combines glamour, inspired by God's love up Above, portraying true beauty from the inside out! Live and be your GlamoReous Self! Time FoRe! self-love.Coaching provides an alliance that accelerates your progress along with accountability, focus, and passion, to help you run the race. Coaching won't work if what you really need is the help of a therapist or healing practitioner.  Working with a therapist/practitioner provides those who suffer from severe depression, or find that deeply rooted problems are interfering with life, are encouraged to seek therapy or assistance from a healing practitioner. 


The 'Back9' of the FoRe! Ambassador Image Program is all about our essence as women, health, and physical wellness. So present, represent and BE the reflection of self love. God's love from the inside out! ~

  • 'Back 9' = The Course FoRe! your External game.  Learn to live a life of 'GlamoRe!'

    1. Fitness Fitness Program

    2. Health/Wellness Management

    3. Hair/Skin Care Management

    4. Put together Testimony for publication

    5. Fashion Management

    6. Public Speaking

    7. Make Up Application day/evening/photos

    8. FoRe! Fashions 'Ambassador Gown Project' work w/Lauren

    9. Photo Journal Completion at crowning.

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'Back 9'